Things to do in Paris on July 4 – The annual Paris Treasure Hunt

A friend asked me what to do on Bastille Day and I suggested fireworks on the Champs de Mars. But what about for our Independance Day. Here’s a fun idea for kids and adults that will get you out and exploring. Sitting in my office in San Francisco, I feel smug that I already had Clue 1 (below) for the 6th figured out without leaving my chair. I wish we could be there for this.200906290951.jpg  

On July 4th, the 4th annual Paris Treasure Hunt will take residents and visitors alike on a day-long quest through the streets of Paris. Previous years’ events drew upwards of 15,000 participants, and this year’s event will surely do the same. The event is open to individuals or teams (of up to six people), and prizes are awarded at the end of the day.

The treasure hunt is actually a series of hunts divided among the ten districts (arrondissements) that participate. Each district has its own quest and a variety of “enigmas” – the story that leads you along the path – to put people on different paths to the finish line. Each district also has an English-language enigma, so fear not. It’s not necessary to parle vous Française.

In the 6th arrondissement, for instance, your enigma may start off with a paragraph that reads: “Walk along the great garden. Your direction: the palace. You are on the longest street of Paris. On your right side, you will see the museum. Reach the painter, behind the forest. And when you see the arches, go under them. Against the wall, you will find a meter.“

[From The Paris Treasure Hunt: A Great Way to Explore the City of Paris | Parisien Salon]

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