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Paris for kids in the 6th arrondissement and close to our rental apartment – 39 Vaugirard.

This is just a big playground with a few extra slides and a tie-line, but, warning: there is a 2 Euro entry charge (more if you want to go in and supervise). ... Bon Marché toy store (basement level) Montparnasse Cemetery – This nearby cemetery is a fun walk for kids with the final resting places of Charles Baudelaire, Eugene Ionesco, Samuel Beckett, Jean-Paul Sartre, Man Ray, Simone de Beauvoir, and Tristan Tzara, among many others. ... Jardin des Plantes – Especially, la Grande Gallerie de l’Evolution with it’s stuffed huge animals on display walking almost among us, is fascinating for little kids.

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A deux pas du Bon Marché dans le sixiéme arr, le restaurant L´Épi Dupin vous accueille

L'Épi Dupin is my idea of a great restaurant, and a neighborhood restaurant to boot. It has wonderful food, incredibly welcoming and gracious staff. At our dinner, the maître d' was patient making menu recommendation for our children, as well as speaking fluent Japanese to the mother/daughter sitting in the booth and articulate English to the elderly American woman adjacent…read more
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Rue de Montparnasse for crepes!

If you like crepes and the Breton specialty, buckwheat galettes, there is a street right off the Boulevard Montparnasse with at least ten restaurats, kind of like a mini Brittany-town. The crepes and galettes here are authentic, with some original variations. Don't forget to order a "bolee" (bowl) of cider and a dessert crepe with chocolate and whipped more
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Velib rental bikes update

They are grey, ugly, and heavy, but there is nothing like like a ride down an empty Paris street in August to invigorate the soul and make you feel like you're in another age or time. ... The stations are only some 300 yards apart, and there are four times as many as there are subway stations, even in a city so well served by its metro system.

...Cost of the bikes, which are made in Hungary, is $3460 3 People have died in Velib accidents, a 7% increase over a year ago, but bike ridership is up 24% .

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‘This is Paris,’ ‘This is San Francisco,’ but where is ‘This is Tokyo?’

I searched and searched for travel books to excite a two year old kid as well as inform me as to what are best things to do when we traveled. I found these, written by Sasek in 1959! With a minimum of words and a maximum of illustrations, 'This is Paris' captures the magic of mankind's capital city. 'This is…read more