American mom’s ideas for stuff to do with her 5-year old in Paris

An American mother in Paris/In search of the City of Light's PG-rated attractions Janis Cooke Newman   (05-13) 04:00 PDT Paris -- My date at the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower is making a crayfish dance on the edge of his platter of seafood. He wiggles a little pair of orange claws at me. I smile and tenderly touch his cheek. Then we gaze out past the filigree struts of the tower to the lights of Paris glittering in the night sky.   "Always see Paris with someone you love." The first man who took me to Paris gave me this advice. I was in my 20s, and was certainly in love with him.   We stayed in a little hotel above a 24-hour Vietnamese takeout restaurant and spent hours strolling beside the Seine. Each time we passed beneath a bridge I kissed him.   Now, nearly 20 years later, I'm sitting in Altitude 95, the restaurant halfway up the Eiffel Tower, watching someone I love make a crayfish dance. Someone who earlier this evening dropped a crayon into my white wine: my 5- year-old son, Alex.

Bonsoir Lune – Goodnight Moon

I can't believe I've become such a sucker over the past seven years for the sappy "Goodnight Moon," mouses, houses, mittens, and kittens included.  Now you can get Bonsoir Lunefrom Amazon.  It's word for word the same as the classic board book, but be aware that, despite the price, it's a rather flimsy paperback.  Bonne lecture et bonne nuit.

Top 10 things to do in Paris for Kids

1. Ride a carrousel - I can think of four carrousels in Paris right off the bat. It's a kids paradise for carrousels. Some are clunky, just better than super-market level affairs (Square de Boucicaut near the Bon Marche), others are majestic in their "emplacement" (across the street from the Eiffel Tower), and others melancholy, like the one in the Tuilleries, which wouldn't surprise me if it played Les Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves) in the calliope version.


Restaurant find – Taverna degli Amici – 16, rue du Bac

One of us likes to either go to dependable old restaurants and eat the same thing, or wander the streets idly looking at menus hoping to be entranced by presentation and well-written food titles....  As in any good marriage, we kick and scream about the frustration of both approaches, but each tends to yield satisfying results from time to time.  One such restaurant is the Taverna degli Amici, on the rue du Bac between the hotel Montalembert and the Seine (and next to our favorite men's clothing store, Atelson....  Briefly, good prices (30 E per person), mix of Italian and real Argentine food, usually easy to get reservations, warm chalet-like atmosphere, nice wait staff.

Hello world!

Research seems to indicate that Wordpress is now the short-term winner in the blogging world for ease of use and cost (Free!)....  If you've worked with Google though, you'll agree that Google is no longer the "gold mine" it used to be.  Even with a site pulling in 500 uniques/day (like www.GreatDad.com), you still only make $2-$3/day....  Wordpress also allows transfer to our own domain if someday we can get the rights to Paris.com.