Restaurant find – Taverna degli Amici – 16, rue du Bac

“Dans notre couple,” we have a mix of two styles. One of us likes to either go to dependable old restaurants and eat the same thing, or wander the streets idly looking at menus hoping to be entranced by presentation and well-written food titles.  The other side likes to research well in advance to avoid bad meals and wasted opportunities.  As in any good marriage, we kick and scream about the frustration of both approaches, but each tends to yield satisfying results from time to time.  One such restaurant is the Taverna degli Amici, on the rue du Bac between the hotel Montalembert and the Seine (and next to our favorite men’s clothing store, Atelson. 

A good review in French can be found at .      Briefly, good prices (30 E per person), mix of Italian and real Argentine food, usually easy to get reservations, warm chalet-like atmosphere, nice wait staff. It’s a good find.    We ate there with our good friend Patrick Mikla, who had the joy of Argentine beef for the first time.

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