Web Host Services

Web Hosts offer web hosting by renting their computer servers. Providers like Netflix pay very little money to access each server, but charge a percentage based on the number of requests per second their hosting company can handle, and there are services like a wordpress web hosting company which specialize in working with wordpress pages.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will begin offering the ability to create a free website on their cloud computing platform. Through AWS Cloud Marketplace, small businesses will be able to sign up for hosting and network services. These offerings will make it easier for small businesses to share their own websites and also encourage a larger demand for the Amazon Web Services. The platform’s services include Amazon Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon S3, and Amazon Cloud Drive.

Google Cloud Platform will also provide a free tier on its platforms for small businesses. Google Go To Calender enables small businesses to track time-sensitive events on their website, and keep it up-to-date. The product also offers simple registration and helps small businesses build upon their existing websites.

Mobile platforms and networks

The cellular networks across the country have implemented policies that allow developers to monetize their products for free. As more mobile users discover free apps, these services could become an important way to promote software that offers value without a paid subscription. Here are some of the services and projects that do just that:

Peach A platform that allows developers to work on a webpage without leaving their desktops. Peach’s app is free to use, but developers must pay to monetize the page. The app integrates with nearly every online service available on the market.

Peer Genie Peer Genie allows developers to work on websites by sending their app requests directly to the local network. The service’s interface is accessible via a plug-in on nearly every e-commerce website. To avoid frustration when trying to work on websites without the appropriate software, developers are provided with a download link and a link to install the software on their computers. The software offers developers the power to store private data in a secure environment.

Facebook Checkout

Another service that allows developers to create free websites. Facebook Checkout allows business owners to check out their products with ease. Many businesses use Facebook Checkout to start selling goods that are only available on the company’s website.

More and more small businesses are experimenting with mobile technology. The mobile environment encourages the use of mobile tools in ways that web and traditional applications can’t match. Small businesses can use the services listed above to complement their existing applications. And the mobile environment should have little difficulty matching the simplicity and accessibility of web applications.

Best Apps for Small Businesses

1. Send9 Send9 provides professionals and small businesses with access to every document and file in their inbox, search, and inboxes. Send9 lets users create memos, spreadsheets, and spreadsheets as well as to schedule appointments.

2. Spreadsheet Perfect is an application for users who need to quickly and easily import and edit other documents and spreadsheets. The application helps users create, view, and edit spreadsheets and documents.

3. DocumentViewer is a free application that allows users to view, edit, save and share documents. Users can download as many documents as they wish, edit and save them pretty easily.

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