Birth of ‘Let’s Go, Paris’ pour les enfants…

So I’ve been thinking about writing a series of ‘Let’s Go… to Paris, pour les enfants,’ to Tokyo, to Sydney, for now a couple of years now. Ever since Hadley was born seven years ago and I took her around the world, I saw a need. She was a sport, and is, an inveterate, world class traveler. She had trekked through about 17 countries by the time she was about two. By that time, she wanted a travel book, so she can figure out where she was going and what she could do. Also, she and I developed a little ritual, to provide her with photos and information to get her excited about the voyage she was about to undertake. And then, I started to get calls from friends and strangers who had heard about my travels with my baby to get tips about traveling to distant lands, with different systems, logic, with little kids. An idea was born.

Remember. Travel is not reward for living, but homework for living….

I remember taking her to get her passport photos when she was about a month old. My first business trip back after my maternity leave was to Toronto, Canada, and I had to figure out quickly, all of the tricks of traveling around the world with a little baby. Don’t forget, to get a passport for your kid the minute she/he is born. Better to do this when you can still hold and control them on your lap! And even more urgent, now post 9/11 with all of the new requirements for traveling abroad. Remember, all kids under 14 years of age must apply in person.

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