Is this a joke – a new look for the Eiffel Tower


I suppose it’s inevitable that at 50 I don’t really like things to change that much. I wasn’t happy when they moved the collection at the Jeu de Paume to the Musée d’Orsay (but not as upset as Hemingway when it was moved from its original spot at the Musée du Luxembourg). But when I opened the Times and saw this photo this morning I was shocked. Like the old geezer I am, I said to myself, “Well, I never…” and “How could they?” and then something younger said, “And, why not?”

It turns out that this is just a temporary platform they will bolt on for a few months to celebrate the 120th anniversary.

The observation deck will be bolted 905 feet above ground “without requiring any modification of the existing structure,” according to the architects. Floor space will be doubled, easing crowd problems and relieving long waits. But critics are already fretting that the crowds will dissipate along with the awe-extinguishing addition. The temporary nature of the deck expansion means that it will not need to stand the test of time. It also means that it will not have much time to win over critics, a number of whom are starting to come into view.

From: France: A New Shape for the Eiffel Tower – New York Times

Yep, it’s just temporary. Of course, that’s what they said when they started flashing those lights every hour, and, of course, when they built the Tour in the the first place.

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