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Everyone has their list of “favorites” for the City of Light. Perhaps more than any other place on Earth (New York, London…), people feel the need to endlessly catalog the wonders of the French capital. This short article in is a mixture of the definitions of five pastries (good for anyone afraid to point at what they are slobbering over) and then a mixture of five other things to love: Markets, Bakeries, La Duree, and something called “Bagels and Brownies.” The writer, Jessie Moore, is obviously, very very into the food experience. I hope she found a few minutes to take in the Louvre.

The posting is worth it to just get a quick reminder of beautiful and tasty pastries on every street corner, just a few thousand miles away.

The first ever pastry we tried in Paris was the Religieuse. An iconic-looking pastry, the Religieuse is apparently named for its resemblance to a nun’s habit, although we’re not sure if there is any further religious association with its invention. What we do know is that the fancy eclairs, which can be filled with various fillings, are exceedingly delicious and beautiful. Also, for lovers of the religieuse and cupcakes, run, don’t walk, for this fantastic wallpaper which we discovered through Chocolate & Zucchini. (Religieuse, pictured left, from Laduree’s site).

[From French Toast: A Salute to Our Favorite Parisian Things for Bastille Day]

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