‘Hyper-Chouette’ in France

It’s a slang for ‘super-cool.’ Here is what the French are watching, reading, wearing and talking about this summer. I love it that their top celebrity is BHL” as he is referred to in France, France’s most visible public intellectual. Where in American, it’s probably one of those barely old enough girls who are just famous for being famous….

To the Hotspots, I highly, highly laud Paris Plage, a manmade beach on the Right Bank of the Seine. Our kids just absolutely loved it. And when the French create something, they really do it. Beautiful branding, logos, colors, matching decks and designed scenes, along with water sprays, a sandy beach, a nautical motif ship for the little kids, and a climbing wall for the older kids. Also, the new Hotel du Nord restaurant near the Canal St. Martin. More importantly, don’t overlook Canal St. Martin cruise during the summer.

And my favorite slang ‘C’est top!’ ‘Je kiffe grave,’ and ‘Président Bling Bling.’ Only the French can say it best.

Finding out what’s ‘super-cool’ in Paris, WSJ

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