My favorite Paris blogs

If you are following France and Paris, here are a few places I like to watch to get a feeling for the culture and social movements:

Ô-Chateau, a Paris wine-tasting company (with champagne cruises on the Seine!) has a funny and pointed blog called Stuff Parisians Like. It’s modeled after, and has some funny and wise bits. It’s very well-written and will give you some idea of the inner workings of those French minds.

We’ve always loved following Kristin Espinasses continuing travails as she inserts herself deeper and deeper into provincial French life in her French-word-a-day blog. Using examples from her life with her husband and two kids, she tells funny and often poignant stories of her life in France, including things she loves, hates and is just plain confused by. She has also collected these columns in several books, which make good presents for the Francophile in your life. Her site has grown to include other recommended books on French history, language, and culture., or (not to be confused with, the unbelievably well-written musings of a thirteen year-old girl) is a group blog. More than two dozen bloggers contribute to it, most of whom are Anglophones living in Paris. Most days, there are three or four new articles. This one could keep you busy for a while. As soon as we live in Paris again, I’ll ask to join on with them.

Where else do you like to look for information about Paris?

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