Rent a barge apartment for your Paris stay

200808220913.jpgIf we didn’t already have a place to stay in Paris, I’d love to try this out. Who hasn’t cruised on the Seine and wondered what it would be like to live in a houseboat at the center of Paris. Well, here’s one for rent, and at a pretty reasonable rate. It’s only 980E a week for two, sleeps six, and beyond two, goes for 364 E.

While there are some 200 livable boats moored in Paris along the Seine, there aren’t a lot of these boats that rent for short term apartments in Paris. The boat itself is about 650 square feet, including a separate bedroom, a ship bed in the main room, and private bathroom and shower. Unfortunately, they don’t allow kids under 15, so in my mind, this is really only a solution for a couple traveling without children.

The little boat is located down the Seine near the Gare d’Austerlitz and about a 15 minute walk from Notre Dame additional.

[From Chalik Boat apartment – Paris Sweet Home]


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