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everyone has an idea of the best places to visit in Paris. Some ideas are obvious and others are creative. This one is funny because it only has five items, three of which are old standards, and other two are mostly unknown.

1) Le Fumoir a tart café with book lined walls and an eclectic mix of indie Parisians and hip cat’s hints at thirties culture indie rock goodness. Come here for a decent cup of coffee and excellent treats. But stay for the people watching and to scavenge through the book walls.
2) Centre Pomidou is the like the little sister to The Louvre without the lines of waiting. It’s got some of the best art in the city without all the hype of its older counterpart. Housing the most expensive and comprehensive collection of modern art in all of Europe, as well as the most innovative building in all of Paris. It’s not easy to find and is housed near plenty of great places to shop and eat after your done pursuing.
3) Le Café Charbon is a wonderful restaurant not to be missed and dating back to the 1900’s with a plethora of chandeliers and shiny ornate mirrors. A dish here isn’t out of this world but the beer and absinthe get high marks with flying colors. Basking in the ambience of its rooms will leave you missing another time and wanting to pen a poem or two or paint a picture.
4) The Moulin Rouge is forever known from its Nicole Kidman movie but the cliché attraction is a million times flashier. Go here expecting to pay out of pocket the experience is well worth it when your greeted by over a hundred different new acts every night and as many scantily clad girls that can fit in one room without paying them. Expect hokey loveliness and a lot of great music, fun for a night out after some drinking or even completely sober and no somber ending either.
5) Bateaux Parisians is a wonderland boat tour not to be missed. The scenery is lovely and offers a unique and pleasing way to explore the city off your feet and free of crowds of bust tourist.

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