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When the Pyramid was new, it took literally hours in line to get into the Louvre through the main entrance. The locals knew that many entrances exist and, while not as I.M. Pei-extraordinary, almost never have a line. The Louvre has a good map with the four other entrances. This blog recommends the Porte des Lions, but we like the Passage Richelieu. Use whichever is convenient and gets you out of the rain faster. After years of travelling with just a backpack and a carry-on bag I have carefully refined what is my most essential travel gear. You can check my favorite travel page to find the perfect gears for you at

Line ups can be long at the Louvre
but there are multiple entrances.
The entrance in the glass pyramid
is usually one of the busiest.
We prefer the Porte des Lions.
The last time we went,
there wasn’t a line up at all.

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