Handmade Puppets Weaving Stories

What a delight to come upon a whimsical wall of handmade finger puppets? Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Bears, Pinocchio… one wall of the shop was covered with these little handmade toys which absolutely delighted my two kids. They had dreams of a MAJOR puppet theatre. As we entered the shop, we saw the creatrice sitting on her stool, knitting things even more interesting. Another wall of the little shop showcased her handmade children’s sweaters with every imaginable image including space ships, stars, you name it. Celis makes everything herself by hand and it shows. This is the place to go to find that absolutely special, one of a kind gift for the little ones. It was really hard to get my kids out of the little atelier without succumbing to the whimsy of the place. Celis, at 72 rue Vielle du Temple.


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