Pierre Hermé: Paris’ divine pastries

Adding to the list of wonderful things a hop, skip, and jump from our apartment is the second Pierrew Hermé, located at 185 rue de Vaugirard.

Pierre Hermé is one of the most talented and talked about pastry chef in the world.
The front of his pastry shop on rue Bonaparte looks like a jewelry store, the inside like a casket of very precious highly talked about edible jewels. Sometimes the window displays some sweet original pop culture items such as the series of Voltron (Goldorak for the French) character made out of chocolate.

[From Pierre Hermé: Paris’ divine pastries | 20 Little Cities]

While I’m sure Suzy Orman would never “waste” the extra centimes to upgrade to the level of these chocolate specialties, serious chocolate lovers and patisserie dévotés will want to make the trip.

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