Museum Night this Saturday – Rodin museum will give out flashlights – May 15, 2009

200905141148.jpgI’ve never really been a fan of Rodin – too sappy and too derivative of Dobie Gillis, but do have to say that this is a great way to make use of Museum Night and give visitors a way to see art in a new light (excuse the pun). Other museums will likely just be open, but the seeing things differently should be what this evening is about.

Art lovers who visit the Rodin museum in Paris for this year’s Museum Nights festival will be given a flashlight to admire the sculptor’s masterpieces in pitch darkness.
Hundreds of museums in France and in 40 more European countries will hold the annual dusk-to-midnight event on Saturday to encourage patrons to appreciate art in a different light.

[From AFP: Rodin by flashlight? France gears for night at museum]


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