Yet another review of Le Comptoir du Relais

Every time we go to Paris, my wife and I have a fight about this place. She loves it and I find it pretentious and over-done.

This writer does have one thing right though: it’s impossible to get a table at lunch, and worse at dinner. This likely means that my opinion is incorrect on this retaurant. Still, I’d rather have lunch across the street at Les Editeurs. Le Comptoir du Relais

Getting a dinner reservation at Le Comptoir du Relais in Paris is similar to winning the lottery. This tiny bistro in St Germain is booked solidly for several months in advance. Luckily for the disorganised amongst us (myself included) no booking is required at lunch and during August this policy extends to dinner. Time your arrival correctly (think just before 12.30 or just after 1.30 for lunch) and you are likely to only have to wait a couple of minutes for a table.

[From Gourmet Chick: Le Comptoir du Relais (Gourmet Chick in France)]

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