A few new (and old) recommendations

Friends are just back from Paris and here are their quick recommendations and (very) short comments:Les Editeurs cafe

  • Lots of Amarino ice cream (they keep opening new locations beyond Rue du Buci)
  • Au Gourmand for dinner — 17 rue Moliere (1st) — this was our favorite of the trip
  • Ginger for dinner (Vietnamese) (8th) — loved it but you won’t likely want to go to the 8th
  • Les Editeurs for lunch (6th) — very good lunch across from Le Comptoir (which is also very good)
  • La Petite Cour for dinner (8, rue Mabillon 6th) — we really like this one too

We, including and especially the kids, LOVE Amarino ice cream, but eschew the rue de Buci location for other less touristy spots because the lines go down the block. Our kids know they can eat one ice cream or one street crepe every day while in France, so like to strategize on routes home so they can get their preference.
Les Editeurs has long been a favorite. We love the decor, which allows us to bask in a fantasy that we are a truly bilingual French-American editor at Gallimard having yet another intellectual tête-a-tête with the real denizens of the 6th.

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