Another rube finds lots to dislike on his first trip to Paris

I love to read reports like this one from someone whose favorite meal during his stay in Paris was some crepes they ate at 10PM.   

Pause longue pour la tour eiffel

Paris is full of city life; its bustling energy is one that I haven’t found in many American cities. However, despite the tourism, the main roads and historic attractions such as the Champs Elysses (sic), have become crowded and mind-boggling to navigate. Streets are congested regardless of the use of rental bicycles in abundance.

My favorite and only desirable part of Paris was Montmartre; champagne made this New Year’s night a wonderful experience as we walked through the streets like rebellious teenagers. Of course, the nightlife in Montmartre was extravagant, and the streets were filled with people at all hours. Our favorite meal was around 10 p.m. when we had excellent crepes.

[From Paris…Not the City I Love – Paris, France Travel Blog]

Perhaps Paris, like youth, is wasted on the young.

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