Une femme/une fille d’un certain age

This dressing your age thing is tricky, for myself and for my daughter.

My daughter, who is nine, has grown too old for the ‘kids’ clothes at Du Pareil au Meme, Jacadi, or BonPoint, but still too young to wear truly teen age fashion. One thing is for sure, her feet has grown so much that she must wear Women’s size shoes, and she will soon surpass even my shoe size, much to her chagrin. We have found few solutions. Zara Kids have great selection of clothes for kids, 5-14 age. There is one in the Marché St. Germain. Great sweaters, tops, dresses, tout au courant. There is even a ‘fur’ gilet that looked great on her, but she demurely declined. There is a great collection for boys as well, though it’s a little too rock and roll for our 5 year old son. Another find is Zef on rue des Saint Péres, 6éme. Their style is very French, vs Zara which seems more Barcelona/Spanish, reflecting their provenance. And bien sur, there is always GapKids for my daughter’s collection of jeans, flare, boot cut, skinny legs, et cetra.

Then, there is me, une autre femme d’un certain age. My girlfriends and I bemoan finding clothes and wearable pieces that are still youthful in style but accommodates our changing bodies and need for well made fabrication. Every time I do come to Paris, I do visit these few boutiques in the neighborhood, where I manage to find one great new piece that I love and that adds to my wardrobe. I long learned that it’s better to get that one unusual deep blue velvet tuxedo jacket to wear over my jeans then more basic stuff. I highly recommend Samantha, on Rue de Rennes. It’s a small boutique but highly curated. Another one is Suite 114 rue du Bac, where you feel like you’re entering someone’s private loft, filled with artsy photo, beautiful interior and a stunning collection of local Parisian designers. 2suite-114-Vitrine1.jpg

Another one that I would recommend is Tara Jarmon. A Canadian-French designer who now has stores in most cities. Nice pants and jackets for work and interesting dresses for night out. She has stores in 6éme and on the Champs Élysées.

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