5 Best nightclubs in Paris, France

I’m so old I now only recognize one of these, and that’s only because we always see the Batofar (bateau phare, get it?) on the quais of the Seine as we take the taxi to CDG. There was a time when I actually stayed out ’til 4AM at Chez Castel (now very passé) and the Buddha Bar, but now midnight is late to get the kids to sleep.

Others, however, might want to know the in spots today.

Paris is well known for its exciting nightlife that caters to different sections of the population. There are several nightclubs that are scattered across the city, that have a range of budgets, music styles and different kinds of ambience. This guide lists the top five nightclubs in the city.

1. Barrio Latino – This popular nightclub is can be found at 46 Rue du Faubourg, St Antoine, Paris 75011. The Barrio Latino has a friendly ambience and draws a young, working crowd to its dance floors. The drinks at this club are reasonably priced, and visitors will be able to order any drink or cocktail at this club on account of the variety of drinks served here. Also, the bartender typically has a few specials lined up for the day. The club has a restaurant and is one of the few clubs that close a little early when the music stops at 2 am.

2. Le Galway – This is one of the best Irish pubs in all of Paris; it boasts a live Irish band that plays here every night. The address of Le Galway is 13 Quai Grands Augustins, 75006 Paris. The best drink in the house is a pint of beer, however, the bartenders are fairly skilled and will be able to mix you any drink of your choice, should you require a cocktail. Le Galway has a good ambience, great drinks and incredible music and is a great place to visit to have a night on the town.

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