Check another off my bucket list – I’ve lived on Paris’ longest street – the rue de Vaugirard

And here are a few other topographical and geographical high and lowlights:

The longest street: Rue de Vaugirard (6th and 15th arrondissements): 4.36 km.
The shortest street: Rue Degrés (2nd arrondissement): 5.75 m.
The narrowest street: Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche (5th arrondissement): 1.80 m.
The broadest street: Avenue Foch (16th arrondissement): 120 m.
The steepest: Rue Gasnier-Guy (20th arrondissement): 17.4%.
Lowest point on a public street: 30.5 m (corner of the Rue Leblanc and Rue Saint-Charles, 15th arrondissement).
Highest point: 148.45 m (40, Rue du Télégraphe, 20th arrondissement).

[From Did you know this about Paris? | Europe Forum | Fodor’s Travel Talk Forums]

The only other one I’ve seen, at least knowingly, is the rue Chat-qui-Peche. How could you miss that?

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