French expect Americans to come back to Paris

MSNBC reports that last year, American tourism was down 40% versus a decade ago. Worse, the Paris tourism office says 2009 traffic was down another 3.4% versus the prior year.DSC_0142

Surprisingly, while we only read of a double-dip recession, French tourism officials expect that Americans will be coming back “as the the U.S. economy improves. I have no doubt they are correct, but I don’t thing that will mean in 2011.

Americans remains the most frequent foreign visitors to Paris. We still see a lot of our countrymen in the streets, but maybe because we are right in the 6th most of the time near high-traffic areas. More striking are the number of Asian visitors, especially from China and India, which in itself is symbolic of where economic dynamism is these days.

American tourists expected to return to Paris

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