Cafés and coffee

Apartment neighborhood, Cafés and coffee

Cafe Medicis (19 rue de Vaugirard) is always a good place for a café midday

Unfortunately, the Sénat has retaken control over the Musée du Luxembourg, so new exhibits here are on hold. I don't know what that means for the café which is always packed with French museum-goers. Cafe Medicis is located on 19, rue de Vaugirard 75006 PARIS – and their tel # is 01 42 34 37 99 [From Cafe Medicis « FIVE ONE EIGHT ]

Cafés and coffee

Why is it so hard to find a Great Coffee in Paris?

My experiences on this trip brought back vivid memories of when I lived there lots of cafes served coffee that tasted like tar, and the milk added was almost always UHT milk – milk which doesn’t need refrigerating, and which has a smell which is hard to describe. === Caf Malongo – 50 rue St Andre des Arts, 75006 Paris === I found Cafe Malongo mentioned on the internet, so I took the metro to St Michel, walked along the gorgeous Rue Saint Andre des Arts and stepped inside Malongo’s wide glass doors. ... I was overwhelmed by the size of the caf, and delighted by all the little sections where I could sit down and read the paper; some people had laptops plugged in, everyone was savouring their coffees in a great atmosphere, with easy-listening music in the background.

... I dislike French coffee less than I hate that they only serve demi-ecreme or 2% milk, which I always thought was reserved for obese Americans giving them an excuse to add extra sugar. I like my lattes strong enough to break through the rich taste of whole milk, not a watery mess like the French serve almost 100% of the time.