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Reimagining Paris

Pei Pyramid, the La Defense Arche, the Ministere de la Finance, the Opéra de la Bastille, and the Bibliothèque Nationale, Sarkozy is looking even bigger, imagining an entirely new Paris.    One of the first things Sarkozy did after he moved into the Elysée Palace was to convene a meeting of prominent architects and ask them to come up with a new blueprint for Paris...... A formidable list of architects — including Richard Rogers, Jean Nouvel, Djamel Klouche and Roland Castro — put forward proposals that address a range of urban problems: from housing the poor to fixing outdated transportation systems to renewing the immigrant suburbs.

...Many of the ideas, thankfully, take "green" to a new level, trading vertical space for more parks and "green belts" to provide the city with more air, produce, and outdoor space.

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A new place to try out – Itinéraires Bistro in Paris

My husband and I always talk about being a month ahead of NY Times on finding and discovering new places in the neighborhood. ... A tiny, successful restaurant from the 11th Arr. decides to open Itinéraires, twice as large, in the Latin Quarter. ... What intrigued me was the blackboard menu: Jerusalem artichoke soup comes garnished with a granita of foie gras; roast cod is topped with layers of tempura vegetables; and pheasant breast is accompanied by dates, pistachios, fruit compote and the odd nugget of buckshot.

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Museum Night this Saturday – Rodin museum will give out flashlights – May 15, 2009

I've never really been a fan of Rodin - too sappy and too derivative of Dobie Gillis, but do have to say that this is a great way to make use of Museum Night and give visitors a way to see art in a new light (excuse the pun). ... Art lovers who visit the Rodin museum in Paris for this year's Museum Nights festival will be given a flashlight to admire the sculptor's masterpieces in pitch darkness. Hundreds of museums in France and in 40 more European countries will hold the annual dusk-to-midnight event on Saturday to encourage patrons to appreciate art in a different light.

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French spend most time in bed France is world’s most sleepy country – Odd News |

A study into the leisure habits of people from 30 countries found that the French spent by far the longest amount of time sleeping. ... American's were found to be almost as fond of their beds - with 8.5 hours - said researchers from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. It seems to me the researchers have jumped from 'time spent in bed' to 'time spent sleeping' a bit too quickly ... remember this is the French we are talking about.

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I didn’t know it was closed! Paris Museum of the Legion of Honor reopens! Paris Museum of the Legion of Honor reopens – Travel –

But it goes on the list for our next trip to Paris since we're all over the the smaller "second tier" museums which are hidden all over the city. ... It faces the Musee D’Orsay on the Left Bank and occupies a wing of one of the city’s finest palaces, the Hotel de Salm, completed in 1788 and much admired by Thomas Jefferson. ... Its galleries explain why orders of merit came into being and identify recipients such as Thomas Wiltberger Evans, dentist of Napoleon III, and Maurice Floquet, France’s oldest surviving veteran of World War I (who died in 2006).

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Class Warfare, French styleFrench executive held hostage by staff | World news | The Guardian

He wasn't exactly stuffed in the back of car and kept in a cave, yet it's hard to feel too much respect for the kidnappers in this case, no matter what the demands. ... Last year, the English boss of a car-parts factory in eastern France was held for 48 hours in his office, sleeping on a massage table and being provided with blankets and sandwiches. ... In another incident last year, police stormed an ice-cream factory in Saint-Dizier to free a manager who had been held hostage by workers over job cuts.