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1) Le Fumoir a tart café with book lined walls and an eclectic mix of indie Parisians and hip cat’s hints at thirties culture indie rock goodness. ... 3) Le Café Charbon is a wonderful restaurant not to be missed and dating back to the 1900’s with a plethora of chandeliers and shiny ornate mirrors. ... Go here expecting to pay out of pocket the experience is well worth it when your greeted by over a hundred different new acts every night and as many scantily clad girls that can fit in one room without paying them.

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“Jacques Prevert, Paris la belle,” an exhibition at Hôtel de Ville – Hotels Paris Rive Gauche

As part of Prévert trivia, I also learned that he lived near our apartment on the rue de Vaugirard and studied at the Catholic school on the rue d'Assas (directly in front of our apartment) when his family moved back to Paris 1907. Here's all the essential information for the exhibition "Jacques Prevert, Paris la belle" When: 2'th October 2008 to 28th Fébruary 2009 Where: Hôtel de Ville, Salle Saint-Jean, 5 rue Lobau, 75004 Paris. Métro Hôtel de Ville (lines 4 & 11) Opening hours: open every day except Sundays and public holidays from 10am to 7pm (last ticket at 6.15pm) Admission: adults 0 euros, kids 0 euros, students 0 euros, goldfish 0 euros.

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Paris for kids in the 6th arrondissement and close to our rental apartment – 39 Vaugirard.

This is just a big playground with a few extra slides and a tie-line, but, warning: there is a 2 Euro entry charge (more if you want to go in and supervise). ... Bon Marché toy store (basement level) Montparnasse Cemetery – This nearby cemetery is a fun walk for kids with the final resting places of Charles Baudelaire, Eugene Ionesco, Samuel Beckett, Jean-Paul Sartre, Man Ray, Simone de Beauvoir, and Tristan Tzara, among many others. ... Jardin des Plantes – Especially, la Grande Gallerie de l’Evolution with it’s stuffed huge animals on display walking almost among us, is fascinating for little kids.

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A deux pas du Bon Marché dans le sixiéme arr, le restaurant L´Épi Dupin vous accueille

L'Épi Dupin is my idea of a great restaurant, and a neighborhood restaurant to boot. It has wonderful food, incredibly welcoming and gracious staff. At our dinner, the maître d' was patient making menu recommendation for our children, as well as speaking fluent Japanese to the mother/daughter sitting in the booth and articulate English to the elderly American woman adjacent…read more
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Rent a barge apartment for your Paris stay

Who hasn't cruised on the Seine and wondered what it would be like to live in a houseboat at the center of Paris. ... While there are some 200 livable boats moored in Paris along the Seine, there aren't a lot of these boats that rent for short term apartments in Paris. ... The little boat is located down the Seine near the Gare d'Austerlitz and about a 15 minute walk from Notre Dame additional.

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Rue de Montparnasse for crepes!

If you like crepes and the Breton specialty, buckwheat galettes, there is a street right off the Boulevard Montparnasse with at least ten restaurats, kind of like a mini Brittany-town. The crepes and galettes here are authentic, with some original variations. Don't forget to order a "bolee" (bowl) of cider and a dessert crepe with chocolate and whipped more
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Don’t drink the water!

It's been some thirty plus years since there were any water purity issues in Europe (though I've heard of recent problems in Barcelona), but that doesn't mean you should drink every bit of water you see. ... In older buildings where you're not sure of the water supply, it's wise to drink filtered water or buy your water at the store, especially if you are staying there for an extended period. ... All but about 3 percent of public pipelines containing lead have been replaced with nontoxic materials, according to the American Water Works Association, a water-treatment industry scientific and educational group.