Apartment - 39 rue de Vaugirard - short term rental

New Monoprix open next to our apartment

Now, instead of walking to the end of the block to the store, we have a Monop (a mini Monoprix) three doors away next to the pastry shop,at 33 rue de Vaugirard. It's a far bigger selection than the Huit a 8 at the end of the block though their selection of fruits and vegetables leaves much to be desired. We are back in our apartment for 10 days and enjoying refinding old loves and finding new ones.


Here’s a rumour I’m looking forward to following – the fall of the EURO?

I haven't been following the EURO too closely, just keeping my head in the sand because it's out of control and we just know that on our upcoming trip we'll be almost doubling shop window prices to get the dollar equivalent. ... For a long time, every economist and banker we know has said that the EU can't tolerate an over-valued EURO for too long. Yet, it has continued to rise, topping out at the beginning of August at $1.59, before a precipitous $.08 drop in the last two weeks (as shown in this chart at Yahoo Finance ).

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A city’s best-kept secret by Conde Nast Traveler

Means that it's no longer a best-kept secret. Oh well! This particular secret has already been found as it is right next to our place on Rue Vaugirard. Sadaharu Aoki, the pastry wizard. The French are passionate connoisseurs of patisseries. Really, only in Paris, do people line up around the corner for gateaus. So, it's a testament to Japanese-born Sadaharu…read more
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My favorite Paris blogs

If you are following France and Paris, here are a few places I like to watch to get a feeling for the culture and social movements: Ô-Chateau, a Paris wine-tasting company (with champagne cruises on the Seine!) ... We've always loved following Kristin Espinasses continuing travails as she inserts herself deeper and deeper into provincial French life in her French-word-a-day blog . Using examples from her life with her husband and two kids, she tells funny and often poignant stories of her life in France, including things she loves, hates and is just plain confused by.


Top Five things to do in Paris

Tops on my list used to be a climb to the top of La Samaritaine (sadly, no more) to the free observation deck where you could see all of Paris (like in that famous Willy Ronis photo), guided by a painted tile chart of the names of all the distinctive landmarks on view below. Now, I'd have to replace that with a climb to either the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame (almost always long lines), or the Eiffel Tower (also long lines). ... At least, you can say you saw them, though you'll spend more time jockeying for position among the tourists than in getting a good view (time that could have been spent seeing the other thousands of pieces that any other museum would build their entire collection around) 3.


AutoLib!? A joke?

While Velib seems like such an organically (in more ways than one) good idea, AutoLib sounds like a dumb idea, and not one that would solve the major issue of traffic congestion in Paris. ... THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: July 29, 2008 PARIS (AP) — Parisians and tourists so eagerly embraced a citywide bike-sharing plan that was begun a year ago that Mayor Bertrand Delanoë is proposing a four-wheeled version, using electric cars. Under the plan, a driver could pick up a car on the Right Bank, snake up the slopes of Montmartre, then drop it off — and pay only for the minutes spent behind the wheel.


Adieu to the 35-hour workweek in France

Sarkozy came in promising to make changes and this one was a big one for many of our friends who came to see 35 hours as being symptomatic of a decreasing work ethic in France. ... Unfortunately, for many white collar workers, who were forced to be out on vacation enough to make the 35 hour math work out, they had to make up the time by increased output at other times, either by staying late or working more elsewhere. ... It was a well-intentioned blow for the worker to get back something from "the man," but ended up hurting French society and decreasing further a positive business environment that fosters the very productivity the workers want to have a share in, threatening the long-term French economy.


Google map directions to Paris from NYC

was like that - every day a new trick or utility that seemed to either amaze or help out. Google also may fall prey to its own success, playing it safe, killing off new product acquisitions after paying way too much for them, trying to "rationalize" its product offerings and business units, or just plain having their shareholders demand more in quarterly earnings, but for now they still have some fun. I tried to run this map from San Francisco, but had no luck.

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Internet and WIFI in Paris – tips for tourists and travelers

If only the US were advanced as Europe: great subway systems, Velib bikes , the latest mobile phones, satellite TV that is truly global, and surprisingly more and more free flowing WIFI (or "wee-fee" as it's pronounced in France). While in the US, Starbucks is just announcing a few hours of WIFI with purchase after years of that T-Mobile racket, and hotels are still gouging us for $10 plus for a few radio waves, many cafes and hotels in Paris let the WIFI run wild, run free. ... The iPhone, especially, uses up enormous amounts of data as it provides up to the minute weather, pedestrian google maps, or web searches while you stand waiting for your spouse at another shoe store.