AutoLib!? A joke?

While Velib seems like such an organically (in more ways than one) good idea, AutoLib sounds like a dumb idea, and not one that would solve the major issue of traffic congestion in Paris. ... THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: July 29, 2008 PARIS (AP) — Parisians and tourists so eagerly embraced a citywide bike-sharing plan that was begun a year ago that Mayor Bertrand Delanoë is proposing a four-wheeled version, using electric cars. Under the plan, a driver could pick up a car on the Right Bank, snake up the slopes of Montmartre, then drop it off — and pay only for the minutes spent behind the wheel.


Google map directions to Paris from NYC

was like that - every day a new trick or utility that seemed to either amaze or help out. Google also may fall prey to its own success, playing it safe, killing off new product acquisitions after paying way too much for them, trying to "rationalize" its product offerings and business units, or just plain having their shareholders demand more in quarterly earnings, but for now they still have some fun. I tried to run this map from San Francisco, but had no luck.