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And when she was frustrated with that query and other "Frenchy" searches, she decided to create a site where Francophiles can get their French on wherever they are in the world. ... Our goal is to bring together people who have a passion for the French language and francophone cultures in the interest of promoting understanding and friendship. ... Francophilia's features include a personal blog, instant messaging with other online members, live discussion room for members, forum discussions, the ability to create and join special-interest groups, to publish and RSVP to events, to publish classified ads, to upload photos, videos and music, and more.   The site is in BETA now with more to come.

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My favorite Paris blogs

If you are following France and Paris, here are a few places I like to watch to get a feeling for the culture and social movements: Ô-Chateau, a Paris wine-tasting company (with champagne cruises on the Seine!) ... We've always loved following Kristin Espinasses continuing travails as she inserts herself deeper and deeper into provincial French life in her French-word-a-day blog . Using examples from her life with her husband and two kids, she tells funny and often poignant stories of her life in France, including things she loves, hates and is just plain confused by.